We do care

We are committed to our employees and aware of our social responsibility. We promote transparency in business relations and adhere strictly to all applicable laws and regulations.

People Are What We Value The Most

We are proud of our experienced, motivated and flexible team!
Our values are brought to life with the guidance of the “EUGESTA Code of Ethics”.

Its key principles are:

  • We care of our colleagues and help them in overcoming professional and personal challenges.
  • We promote responsibility and initiatives: when there is a problem, there’s always a solution and an opportunity behind!
  • We foster employees to engage into management and daily life of a company.
  • We admit that to be competitive in today’s constantly changing environment means learning every day. That’s why we foster personal development of our employees.
  • Each individual is ambassador of “EUGESTA”.
  • We value our partners and customers to the utmost degree. We will respond to your inquiries in no later than 8 business hours.
  • We pursue environmentally-friendly actions in our daily life.