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We are logistics professionals that manage the flow of goods between a point of sale and a customer.

To our partners, we can offer flexible piecemeal and comprehensive logistics solutions:

  • Services in an automated 51,000 m2 warehouse with room for 46,000 pallets and dry and adjustable temperature storage modes (+2°– +6° C) and  frozen > - 22° C;
  • Added value packing, applying excise labels, stickers and other materials as well as other marking of goods;
  • Transportation of piecemeal and complete cargo via local and international routes.

Why choose 3PL services?

A strategic partnership allows saving time, decreasing costs related to the maintenance and administration of workforce, equipment and real estate, and ensuring quality services.

Our advantages:

  • the Equinox Vision system controls and manages all warehouse processes in real time;
  • the Logtime transport management system significantly improves the accuracy of deliveries by providing information about the movement of goods and performed operations in real time;
  • precise error tracking, ensured by a synchronised warehouse management system and high-definition CCTVs;
  • we use proprietary vehicles, therefore we can offer various options to safely transport standard and temperature-sensitive products.

Focus on improving your main competences and leave the logistics to us.