On April the 24th EUGESTA employees participated in the annual event “LET`S DO IT with EUGESTA“ in Lithuania.

Every year we enthusiastically join national clean-up day „LET`S DO IT“.

This year traditional event, which in our company is called “LET`S DO IT with EUGESTA“, was held on 24th of April. A large number of employees from Vilnius, Klaipėda and Šiauliai participated in the campaign. The territory of the forest near head office have been cleaned in Vilnius, in Klaipėda – territory appointed by Municipality and in Šiauliai – abandoned territories of riverside and outskirts. This year new tasks for employees were added to the clean-up campaign – every employee had to tidy up his working place.

We are not indifferent to environment in which we live and work. We seek to have less abandoned territories in the future and to be surrounded by clean and tidy environment.

Please watch the video below of “LET`S DO IT with EUGESTA`15“

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