New products in Eugesta Eesti portfolio

Eugesta Eesti AS product range has been increased by body and hair care line "Margarita" and the line of oral care products "Ecodenta" produced by BIOK Laboratorija.

BIOK Laboratorija is one of the largest manufacturers of cosmetic products in the Baltic countries, having over 20 years of manufacturing experience.




Eco-friendly cosmetics from the Baltic region. Natural beauty comes from nature. Margarita cosmetics is developed by applying the old beauty recipes to the present times, therefore it is enriched with traditional beauty nourishment ingredients — organic herbal extracts as well as milk and apiculture products, and vitamins that are essential to the skin.


ecodenta promo

Ecodenta oral care products unite modern science and nature. Manufactured from eco-friendly and natural materials without harmful effervescent or abrasive ingredients, they will surely change your attitude towards oral hygiene. Each Ecodenta toothpaste is enriched with extracts of carefully selected eco-friendly plants that help to eliminate specific mouth care problems: the extracts of 7 herbs ensure a comprehensive oral care, cranberry extract helps to fight bacteria that cause the build-up of plaque, oak bark and bloodwort extracts effectively calm and reduce bleeding gums.

Choose the toothpaste that’s best for you and experience the benefits of Ecodenta!

Choose the best and discover the "Ecodenta“ advantages! Eugesta Eesti AS values our customers and consumers. For beeing a part of selling processes and close to final customers we started with Estonian Promo team. The first product presentations took part in February 2015 with the BIOK Laboratorija brands- „Margarita“ and „Ecodenta“. The feedback from customers was pleasently suprising and they found the products for beeing very interesting.