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Our job is to be the face of your product. We create emotions and good mood and try to engage buyers to make them loyal consumers of your product. To our partners, we offer synergy – one team takes care of the delivery of goods, sales, product placement and promotional solutions.

We offer:

  • The implementation of your ideas as well as new and creative ones;
  • Non-standard and efficient sales promotion solutions and their full implementation;
  • The provision of information about your brand to consumers through various channels and the objective of giving your brand an emotional effect;
  • Consumer feedback;
  • A motivated, stable, communicative and good-at-selling team of presenters in all regions;
  • Services at a supermarket, retail pharmacy, specialised point of sale, event, conference or public place of your choice;
  • Triple quality control using coordinators, product supervision in shelves professionals and mystery shoppers;.
  • Detailed qualitative and quantitative reports (text, photos and videos);
  • Mystery shopping;
  • Event organisation;
  • Maximum return on investment by providing the right assortment of goods, complete transparency, jointly coordinated actions, rapid exchange of information, order recommendations and sales results analysis.